Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crapo; political hack

I wrote in the preceding post that Senator Mike Crapo has become a political hack. Here's an example explaining why I think that.

A hack is someone who parrots the party line and doesn't think for him or her self. I heard Crapo on the radio saying about the stimulus package "We can't spend ourselves into prosperity." Pure hackery.

First off, Obama and the Dems aren't saying that the stimulus will lead to prosperity. They're saying it is necessary to to keep the economy from falling as far as it will if we don't act. This really isn't disputed by any rational American who cares about the country.

Also (I'm kind of reluctant to use that word, given how Sarah Palin has given it a notoriety similar to "wide stance", also), the line is a common talking point. The Republicans are excellent at hitting their talking points, and Crapo nails it here. Unfortunately, it does not advance the debate to spout bumper sticker slogans. It might help gel opinion in their favor, but it doesn't help the country.

Another example is when he carped about the cost of the stimulus.  He fully supported Bush's tax cut for the rich, and he fully supported the Iraq war, and the Bush bailout.  Now that a Democrat is the President, Crapo suddenly starts to worry about money.  This is hypocrisy of such maddening purity that typing this makes me want to spit.

Risch seems to have immediately fallen into hackdom as well, also. As I've said, Mike Simpson, whose politics are mostly not my politics, will vary from the party line from time to time, and I don't think he's a hack. I respect him. He's a conservative, but not a blind supporter. You betchya. Also.

It's official; this is post 700.


Sisyphus said...

Congratulations, my friend, that's quite a milestone. And what a note with which to mark it. I must say I quite agree but have to add that I truly admire the verve, passion and clarity of analysis you've been able to combine in giving your assessment. I salute you and wish you, indeed, all of us, 7000 more.

heh heh "This is hypocrisy of such maddening purity that typing this makes me want to spit."--destined for mythic status. Heh heh

alan said...

Sisyphus, thanks for the good wishes and comment.

G.S. Avenger said...

I'm thinking back to 2004 when Mr. Kerry was slimed by the GOP for his vote on the defense supplemental appropriations bill. Back then the American people were told that Mr. Kerry's vote was akin to hating our troops and supporting terrorism. My question for Risch, Crapo and Simpson is this. Why sirs do you hate our troops?