Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloggers MIA?

I ran across a thread I'd missed at HBO while hanging around the McCall Special Olympics venue, discussing that Idaho blue bloggers have gone missing.  I guess that as a group we're not as active as we have been at other times, but I think posting, for many of us, is cyclical. 

This will be post 700 on this blog, plus the 293 on my previous blog, over a period of about 4 1/2 years. Sometimes I get busy, sometimes nothing is happening, sometimes I'm distracted by some other pursuit, and sometimes I'm just brain dead.

If my style was to throw bombs and snark, I could stay really busy, because that's fun. But that's not what I like to post, so often I don't say anything, on the blog. People within earshot hear plenty of that, but not folks within, .. er, ... blogshot?

Things rattling around in my head, that might end up as a post, include these. Sen Crapo has turned into a Larry Craig political hack, like Kempthorne did, blindly supporting whatever the Republican leadership wants, and Jim Risch is right there behind him. Behind Crapo; wouldn't want to be right behind Craig's behind. Simpson usually goes with the R leadership, but to his credit he will sometimes strike out on his own path and I like him for that. And Minnick? I'm keeping my lip zipped for now, but so far, well, I'll let it go at that.


Tara A. Rowe said...

Well I for one appreciate the time you spent at the Special Olympics games and for the videos you put together and the pictures you were willing to share. What's that they say about quality vs. quantity?

Aaron said...

4.5 years blogging! Good for you!

I just started one about life in Idaho Falls. Found yours searching for other Idaho blogs.

Swap links, what say?

I'm at MyLocalBlog.Wordpress.com. Not much there yet, but I'd be honored if you'd drop by for a visit. Surely there is much to learn from a blogging veteran as yourself.

slfisher said...

404 on that link, good buddy.