Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Who are we going to lose?

Adam has made various predictions about the upcoming year, one of which concerns Idaho blue bloggers.
With the Bush Administration gone, two liberals Idaho bloggers will exit the blogging scene for good by this Summer, while another begins to have doubts about Obama and “progressivism” as a whole. This blogger’s doubts will lead them to vote for the Republican Nominee for President in 2012.
So, I'm curious who he has in mind. Which two will depart the scene for good? Who will become disillusioned and go over to the dark side?

Predicting is a dicey business. Adam also predicted the Super Bowl:
The Minnesota Vikings defeat the Indianapolis Colts, 26-23 to win the Super Bowl.
I think both the Vikings and the Colts are out already, so that one isn't going to come true.


Sisyphus said...

ROTFLMAO. Not me. I mean frick, look at my pseudonym. Maybe he's thinking of Bubbles, but since he voted for McCain, I don't think he qualifies. Adam's too easy a target sometimes. But he certainly represents the best the right wing has to offer in the Idaho blogosphere.

alan said...

I've been thinking about who will fade away, and none of the main group comes to mind. MG, UN, TVA, RSR, 43SB, all seem likely to stay, as does PG, IdahoRocks, Royal Mounted Valise.

Bubblehead could be the one he thinks will become disillusioned, but that's probably hopeful thinking.

I don't expect to be going anywhere.

What seems more likely to me is that the non-cultural war wing of the R party will get comfortable with Obama, and the Adam wing won't understand why, and will spend the next 8 years making themselves crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lil Adam will you EVER be right?

Binkyboy said...

When stupidity is no longer valued by the Republican party, where will Little Adam turn?

Maybe I'm the one that is upset at the lack of progressive values in Obama and his cabinet? But I don't think I'm going anywhere, since I'm still more anti-Republican than at any other time in my life.