Friday, January 16, 2009

Tara spanks Adam

Tara has a great post taking Adam Graham to task for his Ad Hominem attacks on her and MG.

Adam's pace of blogging demands much material but doesn't seem to allow time for much research or spell checking. He tends to pile onto what ever the R reactionary wing is griping about at the moment, and doesn't hesitate to make personal comments. They're not as mean as they could be, and not as mean as many leveled at him, but still, he does tend to attack the messenger in an effort to discredit the message. Standard winger tactic.

And no, I'm not putting up any examples. Read his site; examples abound. Tara cites a few in her post.


fortboise said...

That "pace of blogging" issue occurred to me in regard to Zeb Bell's radio show. What's he doing, 4 hours a day? Not too many people I know can make interesting noises for 4 hours a day (even with ad breaks); I know I wouldn't want to try.

Perhaps the nut of his and Adam's problem is that they've drained whatever worthwhile contribution they had to make, and dug down to the subconscious dreck which is what most of us have learned to surpress, after it stopped being clever, cute, or at least emperor-has-no-clothes candid.

alan said...

Agreed. I think they've put quantity over quality. I think for the most part it works for them, however, because their viewership/readership isn't too discriminating. They're not looking for new information or insight, just reinforcement.