Saturday, January 03, 2009

More food blogging

While I'm waiting for some local political action to comment on, here's another food blog.

Last fall I went to Donnie Mac's, a trailer park themed eatery here in Boise. They used to have great breakfasts, but stopped serving breakfast for some reason. Here's a pic of the location. They've done a nice job with the trailer trash theme. You can even eat inside an old car if you want.

I ordered the bratwurst with 'kraut, shown below. I was pretty disappointed. At $6.95 I expected something more than a usual dog. The hot dog vender at the Home Depot serves up a better brat and 'kraut for $2.50. I guess I paid $3.50 for the fries.

My son ordered the PBJ, below. Pitiful. The bread wasn't interesting, they didn't put much PBJ on it, and the presentation was lacking. Just a plain sandwich on a plate.

Given all the restaurants in Boise that are going out of business, with this kind of fare, I'd bet Donnie Mac's isn't far behind.


Sara E Anderson said...

For some reason, I was at Donnie Mac's grand opening, and the problem with sarcastic eating is that you can't "eat spaghettios." You're really eating a slurry of tomato paste and high-fructose corn syrup and mushy pasta, regardless of how fun and campy it sounds.

There's a reason food trends go by so quickly, and it's not because cilantro stopped tasting good in 2007.

alan said...

Agreed. It's kind of like the current trend for mac n cheese, which is also available at DM's Sounds fun, but it's still not a healthy meal.