Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lt. Gov. Little

Gov Otter has appointed Sen. Brad Little to replace Jim Risch as the Lt Gov. Little to replace the Angry Gnome. I guess you can't say he has big shoes to fill. Har!

Lt Gov Little says he wants to help spur Idaho's economy, and get it "boiling." I hope he does; that's an admirable goal. But I wonder, how? What power does the Lt Gov have to boost the economy?

Anyway, congratulations to Sen/Lt Gov Little, and best wishes. He's always struck me as part of the moderate wing of the Idaho R party, so I'm happy to see him appointed for that reason. Also, Adam is exhorting his readers to mobilize now to get a true conservative in place to challenge Little in the next election before Little can build a solid base for a run at Governor, so Little must not be a winger.

And of course, the next fascinating power struggle will be over who backfills Little. Folks are already jockeying for position. I'm hoping Thayne throws his hat in the ring. And Pro-Life.

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