Sunday, January 18, 2009

In search of sun

My sweetheart and I have grown weary of the unrelenting fog, so went in search of the sun. First up on Saturday, South to Murphy, which is kind of remote.

No sun there, but we did stop and eat lunch in the Murphy General Store.

They serve a decent meal, but the menu is pretty limited. Basically burgers, a few salads, and a special of the day.  Here's the basic burger, nice trimmings and the parsley sprig was a surprise.

On Sunday we drove North, past Banks, toward Garden valley.  We were beginning to despair of seeing the sun, but finally, gloriously, blue sky.

The Bald Eagle seemed to be enjoying the day.  We also saw a Golden Eagle eating a road killed deer carcase.

We went into Crouch for lunch at the Longbranch.  In addition to stuffed and mounted Jackalope head, the bar sports this chandelier made of antlers.

The menu is much more fully realized. I had the Rueben, nicely done on Marbled Rye bread. Here's the side salad. The pic of the sandwich turned out too blurry to post.

We saw some deer just above a campground.

We also saw some deer and elk together.

And some folks looking at the elk, and the elk looking back.

The elk as they departed over the hill.


Sisyphus said...

Silly goose. Go up young man. Bogus was bright and sunny all weekend.

alan said...

Yeah, I know. We were looking for a bit of a road trip and to see some elk, as well.

slfisher said...

Next time you're in that area, go to Grandview and eat there. I don't remember the name of the place, but it was great.