Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fischer; off the deep end

You know when you're arguing with someone and they say, "it's not about the X," then it's definitely about X. "It's not about the money" means it's about the money.

Well, Bryan Fischer has gone overboard, and I hope that the Statesman and DFO take this into account the next time they're tempted to quote Fischer or otherwise give him any of the oxygen of publicity he needs to live on.

Chris noted that Fischer put up yet another odious post, but this time Fischer has gone too far. He writes about "Eerie parallels to Germany in 1932," and publishes a letter that forewarned about Hitler's rise. Fischer then bolds certain passages that he thinks apply to our brand new President, Barack Obama.

Fischer writes
I am not, in urging you to read this letter, suggesting that President-elect Obama is the next Hitler.
But of course, that is exactly what he is suggesting. Fischer is trying to conflate Obama with Hitler, even before Obama takes office. If you doubt this, look at the screen shot below taken from Fischer's post. (click to enlarge) Yes, that is a picture of a Hitler Youth waving a Nazi flag, with a swastika in the background. So, if Fischer isn't suggesting that Obama is Hitler, then why the Nazi imagery?

The Idaho Values Alliance motto is "Making Idaho the friendliest place in the world to raise a family." I guess they ought to be honest and just add "white" before family.

Fischer doesn't cite a single fact or example tied to Obama, just offers up the Nazi imagery. I think this is outrageous. Fischer should apologize for this despicable attack, and his supporters should think long and hard about Fischer's version of tolerance. I think that continuing to support Fischer is supporting intolerance and borderline racism.

Fischer has recently been on Zeb Bell's radio program (h/t Mountain Goat Report). I guess he's learning some of Bell's tricks.


Binkyboy said...

OK, a couple of things (this is going to be long)

1) Never in this particular post does Fischer go all racist. He's done that plenty in other posts, though.

2) The Nazi imagery is valid for his post.

Yes, it was tasteless, and yes, it ignores the past groupthink of the Bush Administration. Fischer's post also has little political reality included. He confuses the Nazi Socialist Party with socialism, when the real model was fascism (the right end of the spectrum).

Little Adam has attempted to take you to task for some of the same things. Of course, his spelling and his English leave much to be desired, and his logic is fairly flawed, but that is typical Adam. I'm still surprised he hasn't blinded himself with a fork yet. Maybe they keep the sharp implements away from him.

The left refuses to acknowledge the danger of a cult of personality reigning in American politics. That’s the danger Fischer sees from a goverrnment that thinks itself God and is exalted as such. Our nation’s Founders rejected the culture of adulation that Obama so keenly embraces and soaks in.

Adam is clueless and stupid. Is there much more evidence than that paragraph needed to prove that point?

I know Bryan Fischer and he is no racist.

Well, logically, then, Adam doesn't really know Bryan Fischer, or he doesn't know what racism entails.

This has been a community service. Thank you for your time.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thank you for the community service, Bink.