Thursday, December 04, 2008

Otter's road money

The Statesman is reporting that Governor
Otter will ask lawmakers to approve higher fuel taxes and registration fees, along with a new rental car tax.
I'm glad the Gov is still pushing this, even though the economy ain't so hot. I'm hoping he'll expand the base into other areas and not raise the gas tax.

To target the revenue base to folks who use the roads, tax transportation consumables; batteries, auto parts, tires, car washes, etc. Or, even better in my opinion, get rid of all the special interest sales tax breaks, and also tax services. That would raise plenty of money.

Any by the way, I'm not sold on the idea that people who use the roads should be the only ones paying for them. Roads are vital to our economy and national defense, and every citizen benefits from them. For example, food and goods are trucked, and first responders use roads in emergencies. Big trucks that wear out roads more quickly than personal vehicles should bear a bit more of the burden, but the run of the mill Joe the Plumber driver shouldn't.

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