Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of course

This is a bit amazing to me.
Retiring U.S. Sen. Larry Craig came before a friendly audience Tuesday at the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and received two standing ovations for his 28 years of work in Congress.
Not one, but two standing ovations. Among the things the Boise CoC thanked Craig for was help protecting Mountain Home AFB. I guess Boise benefits from MHAFB, though it seems a bit remote.

So, what do you think they were thinking? Do the CoC folks believe Craig that he just plead guilty in the sex sting case to make it go away? Or do they think he's lying about that but are so star struck that they can't help but fawn all over him? Or, do you think they think he's lying but have forgiven him for lying under oath to a judge, and have forgiven him for homosexual behavior? Doesn't it have to be one of these? Can you think of any other alternatives?

Of the three, it's pretty hard to imagine Idaho Republicans forgiving homosexual behavior.

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Sisyphus said...

The Statesman story is pretty funny. Craig refused to respond to its reporter who noted that the attendance was approximately 60people when most events have about 200.

When I asked a couple local politicos what was up with this event they joked that the CEO was coming to terms with her own gender issues.