Monday, December 08, 2008


Sycophants and lickspittles, the lot of 'em. The Boise Chamber of Commerce is "honoring" Larry Craig. I can't say it any better than this.
A man who lives a lie, who uses his career to wrongfully denigrate other homosexuals into second class citizens, brings shame to his wife, his friends, his family, his party and the state through criminal and hypocritical behavior, and then makes a mockery of the legal system and the constitution he's sworn to uphold is not worthy of accolades.
Sisyphus rightly asks, what did Craig ever do for Boise?

Hey, Boise Chamber of Commerce, take a look at who is representing Boise in the State legislature. Do you see a lot of folks who hold Craig's beliefs? How 'bout the mayor? You're out of touch with the people of Boise.

I chalk this up to pathetic R-worship. Doesn't matter what the R does or how he/she votes, that wonderful, mesmerizing, grace-bestowing R is by the name. All hail the R!

I've got an idea for you, Boise Chamber of Commerce. Ted Stevens will have some free time soon. Invite him over and worship at his feet. Mark Foley has some free time as well, and he seems to share Craig's values. Invite him for praise as well.

While you're at it, please take up a collection and produce a larger-than-life statute of the great man, the Right Honorable Larry Craig, Hero of Boise and Vizier of Virtue. Put the statute of the Statesman of the Century in the Boise Airport. Next to the bathroom.

Update: The Statesman is reporting that Craig's attempt to withdraw his guilty plea is rejected. So, Chamber of Commerce, you're honoring a convicted sex offender person convicted of a sex-related misdemeanor.

Later update: TVA correctly pointed out that I mistated the conviction as a sex offense, so I'm withdrawing that.


Sisyphus said...

Thanks for making some more noise about this. I'm surprised everyone, including the Statesman which began the investigation, is giving this a pass.

fortboise said...

Lucky for Larry, he is not a "convicted sex offender." Whatever his problems, his guilty plea to disorderly conduct is not that serious. We don't (yet) have registry for disorderly conductors are a Google map showing where they live (or use the facilities).

fortboise said...

eww, what's with all those typos?

"...have a registry for disorderly conductors or a Google map..."

So much for that pithy witticism.

alan said...

Granted, the conviction is for disorderly conduct. Convicted sex offender, at least in Idaho, is a felony rap, and Larry plead guilty to a misdemeanor, I think. Sex offender is probably a stretch, but it's accurate to say he was convicted for an offense related to deviant (under the law) sexual behavior.