Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holy cow

Times are tough these days, but this news is surprising. Most of us have enjoyed, or at least considered, the BOGO offer. Buy one, get one free. Well, as I was looking at the auto ads today, I was shocked to see a BOGO offer. Larry Miller auto was offering a 2008 Mustang if you buy a 2008 Dodge SLT Quad Cab 4x4. You have to buy a really expensive vehicle, but, man, if you do, a new 'stang for a buck. Oh, and the $299 dealer doc(umentation) fee. A tip; tell them to shove the doc fee.

Peterson Auto also had a BOGO offer. If you buy a 2008 Escallade, Suburban, or 2500 Diesel pickup, you get a FREE 2009 (note Nine) Chevy Cobalt.

For both offers, it's limited to autos in stock. The Peterson offer says it worth up to $15,745. If you're in the market for a new car, I'd bet you get a heck of a bargain. Appears they're desperate to clear off the 2008 inventory. Go offer to pay invoice, if they show you the invoice, and insist that you keep any rebates. And ask for free oil changes for a year (something the dealership has control over). You'll probably get a great deal. If you can get financing.

And while you're there, buy an apple from the ragamuffin outside the front door. Opportunities abound in the Bush Depression.


Anonymous said...

Interesting BOGO incite. My boy just rolled up the left side of his 05 Chevy Aveo. $7.7k in repairs. I expect the insurance co will total it, so we will be in the market. I am lobbying to hand down my Bronco and get a new(er) truck.

First time trying this.


alan said...

Well, here's your chance for a twofer. Though, realistically, car dealers aren't going to lose money on a deal. At best you'll get a good deal on two new autos.