Sunday, December 28, 2008

Donald's Cafe in Lapwai

The holidays have slowed down my already sluggish posting. That plus the lack of interesting goings on in the state. As I look over the other blue bloggers, I see that the holidays seems to having an impact there as well.

I took a driving trip to Coeur d'Alene last fall, and have been meaning to post these pix ever since. I haven't broken the code on how to get the line up, but can explain them. I took highway 97 south from CdA, and boy, that's a tiny winding road. The picture shows the nonexistent shoulder. For much of the first few miles, if you leave the road, you're either in the lake, or careening downhill toward it. Exhilarating, or scary, depending on your mindset.

I stopped in PlummerLapwai for lunch, and ate at Donalds Cafe, show at right. I ordered, if I recall correctly, a Monte Cristo sandwich, shown below. It was okay, not great, kind of pedestrian. Breaded chicken breast, processed ham, barely ripe tomato. Fries were pretty good, and came with fry sauce, which is always a plus. An interesting place to stop on the Coeur d'AleneNez Perce Indian Reservation, but I wouldn't rank it among the "you really ought to stop if you're in the area" places, like the Snake River Grill in Hagerman.

Update; had the wrong town and reservation.

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