Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Corrupt politicians

BSU radio reported today (which probably means that the story was reported in the Statesman; BSU Radio is notorious for poaching stories without crediting the source) that former Representative Jack Noble is in trouble again.

You recall Noble. While in the legislature he tried to get legislation passed that would have benefited one of his businesses, but failed to disclose this conflict. He subsequently resigned before he could be drummed out.

Well, apparently he didn't have workers' compensation insurance for his dairy employees, as required by law and the Industrial Commission has busted him for this.

Noble seems to think he's above the law. I think this is another example of the problems with a one-party state. The party in power thinks it can get away with anything, and often does.

As Chris noted here, Idaho is ranked 44th in government integrity, and yet our Republican lawmakers reject new ethics measures (because they were introduced by Democrats, of course, since Republicans won't introduce any).

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