Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You shoulda seen the other guy, redux

This fella was arrested for "fighting." I didn't see anyone else arrested on that same charge, which seems odd to me. It takes two to fight, doesn't it? If the other pugilist isn't voluntarily exchanging fisticuffs, then the charge would be assault and/or battery, wouldn't it?

Since his right eye is sporting the shiner,was he battling a lefty? Also, the scrape on his forehead and nose look like the type of injury guys get when they resist arrest and the officer has to forcibly subdue them by forcing them face down to the ground.

The dude's 50 years old. When's he gonna learn that no one really wins a fight?

Last deep thought. The banner on the Ada County Sheriff's web site has the tagline "The Law Enforcement Agency of Choice." I dunno; do you think people choose which law enforcement agency arrests them?


Wordsmith said...

Dude! 50 and STILL fighting. That's some deep-seated anger OR somethin'! I haven't had a fight since 5th grade when Tommy McReynolds called me mother a .... well, you get the idea.

And that line about choosing your law enforcement agency had me howling. Do you suppose Dude chose Ada County over Boise City?

p.s. i think the moustache says it all

alan said...

Yeah, the fu manchu 'stach isn't too flattering.