Monday, October 20, 2008

You shoulda seen the other guy

This gal was arrested for domestic assault/battery. If she got the shiner and the arrest, I wonder about her "victim." He/she obviously fought back.


Sara E Anderson said...

I have to admit I kept making this "joke" after my surgery, when my eyes were swollen shut for two days (I couldn't see, but I imagine they looked a lot like this shiner). "You should have seen the anesthesiologist. Boy!"

This post illustrates exactly why people get into intractible "is not, is too" arguments about men and women and domestic violence. If violence is part of the vocabulary of the relationship, the victim isn't going to sit idly by and get beaten to death with a baseball bat. Even when a victim is fairly proficient at beating off physical attacks, it's important to remember that violence is just one tool for controlling a partner, and when your partner insists you stay home to look after the children, and earns and controls all the income, even when you luck out and land a real heavy punch on him, (usually he)'s you're not only facing the threat of a bruise or broken bone when you "misbehave." The power dynamic works in one direction, and it happens in homosexual relationships the same way.

alan said...

Yeah, I think the other half of this dispute got charged as well, though I couldn't really tell. She's 38, and a 24 YO guy was also charged, about the same time, but one by the Boise PD and the other by the Ada Cty Sheriff.

They're pretty quick to charge domestic battery/assault in this neck of the woods.

Bad news, however you look at it.