Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin's glasses

Some have speculated whether Sarah Palin's glasses are real, or just clear glass worn for effect.  Palin's hairdresser says 
We would talk a lot about how if she looked too pretty or too sexy, people wouldn't listen to her. How important it was for people to see her as an intelligent, smart woman.
So maybe she wears glasses to tamp down her looks to appear more serious. I dunno, and this is a trifling thing.

But, I've looked closely at her glasses and think that either they are just clear glass, or her vision correction is so minimal that she doesn't really need to wear them all the time. How do you tell?

Look at the picture of Palin. The stronger the correction, the more that looking through them will cause a vision deflection. If you look through a person's glasses while the person is wearing them, you will notice the the side of the face appears indented in the glasses, if nearsighted. Farsighted, of course, will magnify the face. Anyway, when looking through Palin's glasses you see no deflection. The line of the side of her face is even and unbroken. Thus, weak or no correction.

That's it. No big deal. I draw no conclusions from this. I just think that if she is wearing glasses needlessly, constantly, it's interesting.


fortboise said...

Interesting observation. Just looked through a dozen or so oblique photos of Palin returned from Google images, and it's clear (ha!) that the correction is relatively weak. Could be astigmatism. She's a bit on the young side for presbyopia (and has had 'em for a while, anyway).

As someone who's needed correction almost all my life, I can't image wearing glasses for cosmetic effect, but women do a lot of stuff to their faces I can't imagine doing, at least not outside a theater dressing room.

Bubblehead said...

You should do one on Joe Biden's necktie next. Does he really need a strip of cloth wrapped around his neck and covering the front of his shirt?

alan said...

Nah, I can't be objective, since I have to wear one daily, per our office dress code, and I don't like it.

Besides, comparing a fashion with faking a disability ain't the same thing.

akovia said...

Have you uncovered yet another Republican fraud? regardless, I'm entertained by the self-immolation of the neo-con movement. What a hoot!