Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin, political zombie

Right after John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his VP, I predicted she'd last two weeks and then be laughed off the ticket. Of course she's still front and center in the political stage, so, so much for my prognostications.

The McCain campaign kept Palin away from reporters, so it's taken longer to get to know her than would have been otherwise. This is the chief reason she's made it this far. Smart stage management.

Palin's a rock star to the religious conservative wing of the Republican party, and McCain desperately needs those votes, so he's got to keep her around. Also, admitting that she was a mistake would undercut his claim to having good judgment because he's got so much experience.

But, I'm guessing right now he wishes he could trade her in for a different model. Palin's negative rating has risen steadily. Her clothing debacle is an embarrassment for a person who says she's just a Jane Six pack hockey mom; $150,000 worth of expensive clothes on a self-professed Jane Six pack is a juxtaposition that undercuts McCain's latest message. Palin is widely seen as not qualified, at least not yet, to be President. Many of her statements have been proven false ("I opposed that bridge to nowhere").

So, right now, Palin is politically dead, yet she still walks the Earth. She's become a political zombie, lurching about, scaring voters. And McCain's stuck with her.


Anonymous said...

Palin was picked to shore up the Republican base, secure a percentage of the female vote, and connect with the middle class. Polls show that 91% of Republicans now support the McCain/Palin ticket. Until Palin, McCain had not secured the GOP base. Picking Palin also gave McCain a huge boost after the GOP convention and put his campaign back on track. Unfortunately for McCain, people still vote the top of the ticket. Your assessment that Palin has had a negitive impact is false. Her selection may have given bullet points to the D's but she continues to run strong among R's, and remains middle of the road favorable amongst independents. The steady tightening of the race proves that point. Trooper Gate was her "October" surprise but that fizzled. Independents will overlook the 150k upgrade because they expect the staging and still remember Edward's $425 hair cut. McCain is happy with his choice and wishes he had the crowds Palin pulls. The biggest problems for D's is that they are seen as beating up on a "woman". The very gender the D's are suppose to help. As with most political blogs, the facts get in the way of a good old street thrashing. It may makes "you" feel good, but to independents, your comments only re-enforces voter apathy.

Geoff Schroeder said...

Anonymous- Ever hear of Peggy Noonan?

Anonymous said...

Anon, I don't know where you're getting your numbers, but they don't seem to be accurate--How else to explain Obama polling ahead of McCain in states with a clear GOP advantage in voter registrations (North Dakota, Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina come to mind)?

fortboise said...

Independents will overlook the 150k upgrade because they expect the staging and still remember Edward's $425 hair cut.

Excuse me anon, but WTF?!

Independents will ignore $150,000 for a freaking wardrobe because of a long-gone candidate's $400 haircut?

You're out of your mind.

With no religious or other base reasons to support her, this may well be the last straw for a lot of the ordinary Joes that McPain have been trying to court with their campaign gymnastics.

Alan said...

Anon, your first sentence hit the nail directly on the head. Palin was picked for political reasons, not because she'd be a good president if anything happens to McCain.

If you don't think Palin had a negative impact, how do you explain George Will, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Colin Powell, Frum, Dreher, etc. who all say she's not qualified?

I don't think the polls show a steady tightening; they seem pretty static.

And really, do you see this post as a "street thrashing?"