Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential debate

I'm watching the debate, and the first thing I see is that the chairs for the candidates are really tall.  They tend to make McCain look kind of short.  Also, he can't really sit in the chair without his feet swing free like a little kid.  I'll bet that bugs him.

McCain looked Obama in the eye, initially.

Brokaw asked who McCain would appoint as the Treas. Sec.  McCain said "Not you, Tom," and he was so dead serious that the crowd didn't laugh.

7:13.  I read that other day that McCain's war injuries left him unable to raise his arms above his head to even comb his hair.   So I've been wondering, who combs his hair?

7:23.  I'd prefer to watch this in HD, but I find CNN's instagraph kind of fascinating.  McCain hits on energy independence again, which seems to resonate with the instagraph.

7:33.  McCain has taken to just standing while Obama's talking, instead of sitting in the too-tall chair.

7:52.  McCain walked over and looked into one of the dark doorways while Obama was talking about health insurance.  McCain did some odd hand signal, then returned to his chair.  Weird.

8:20.  McCain keeps invoking General Petraeus.  He's dropped the name a dozen times or so.  It doesn't seem to move the instagraph, for whatever that's worth.

One thing I like about McCain is that he always has his wife Cindy with him.  I guess she could just be a prop, given that she's attractive, but he always has her by his side, and I like that.

Debate over.  I notice that the audience is taking pictures, and they all have the same disposable camera with a yellow sleeve.  No digital cameras.  What's up with that?

Final post.  CNN is now interviewing the 25 people who were polled to run the squiggley instagraph, and I'm kind of pissed off.  25 people, and their impressions run on national TV? That's pretty stupid.  I was thinking 100 or so.  And, listening to the sages being questioned, I'm not impressed.

For one thing, how can you truly be undecided at this point?  Are you uninformed or indecisive, or just lying about your opinion to get on TV?  And if any of the 3, why should your opinion be worth listening to?  Also, is this debate the sole basis of your opinion?  Good grief.

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The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

The hand signal you mentioned, get me an attack ad quick on Obama's health program.

As for McCain himself, I heard more big government, more, more, more and social engineering up the wazu with his promise to buy up bad mortgages. Now that is the "increased spending" he said he wouldn't be doing. And next day targeting Obama for being honest about it. Post first debate.