Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The mind of a reactionary

IdaBlue: reading Cramer, so you don't have to.

I took a rare look at Cramer's blog tonight after work, killing some time waiting for the last Presidential debate, and picked out some real gems for your reading pleasure, quoted below.

The reactionary wing of the Republican Party is headed into the wilderness for a good many years, and they're not going to like it. As I've written, their brand of politics has been has been ruining, er, running, the country since 1994, and they've come to believe that the Gingrich - Delay - Bush/Rove brand of politics is the norm. In truth, the political pendulum had swung all the way to the right, is now headed back left, and it's going to be a long time before it swings back that far to the right, if ever.

Anyway, a glimpse into the unbearable darkness of thinking of these folks. Most of Cramer's thoughts below are widely accepted by the Reactionary Right.


Musing on how Republicans have better morals in office. (!?)
Mahoney would now have a slamdunk election--but I have learned that the harsh reality is that corrupt and immoral behavior seldom impairs the ability of Democrats to get elected, or re-elected, because Democrats aren't bothered by corrupt and immoral behavior from their representatives. It only seems to bother Republican voters. It does mean that Republicans running for public office have to be squeaky clean--while Democrats merely need to avoid committing rape or murder on videotape.
I guess Sen. Vitters' admitted consorting with prostitutes is squeaky clean?


Oregon, awash in ultra liberals.
I know Oregon is a pretty far left state as well. Is Bend, Oregon in that same category? Should I remove the Palin sticker before I go into a state awash in people that believe that property is theft, meat is murder, dairy is rape, and all the rest of the liberal agenda?
Of course, to the Reactionary Right, everyone, including McCain (see below), is a liberal.


Huh? Lack of sun spots causes snow?
It is only October 11--and we already have snow on Bogus Basin. Of course, we had a second year of low sunspot activity, so I am not surprised.

Obama is endorsed by commies, and therefore is guaranteed to be elected.
The endorsements that Obama has received (the Communist Party USA, Castro, Khaddafi, and North Korea) ought to be enough. But Louis Farrakhan? This is such a stinging collection of anti-Americans that I am now sure Obama will be our next President.
He links to impeccable sources like Michelle Malkin.


Who knew? The Democratic Party has a plan to take wealth from the middle class and give it to rich people.
I see some pretty dark times ahead for the United States. If Obama were a genuine socialist, I could see the next Administration going for some sort of major redistribution of wealth. But Obama is a Chicago machine politician. What we'll get (if Congress goes along with him) is likely to be a very complex scheme that throws a few bones to poor blacks (under the guise of slavery reparations) while continuing the Democratic Party's agenda of redistributing wealth from middle class Americans to obscenely rich con men--like Franklin Raines. Why, it sounds much like the subprime mortgage madness that led to the current disaster!
Slavery reparations? I haven't heard that one. I guess because Obama is African-American, he therefore is for slavery reparations.


McCain, indistinguishable from Democrats, not enough ambition to win:
I had my misgivings about McCain during the primaries, which is one of many reasons that I wasn't behind him. One of my fears was that he was so close to the Democrats that we might not be able to tell the difference if he won or not. But it is increasingly clear that even the one aspect of McCain that might cause him to really fight--his personal ambition--isn't enough to overcome his general sympathy with the Democrats. At least, not enough to make a serious effort to win. If I hadn't lost my job, I would have kicked in some money after he picked Palin. Now, I'm glad that I didn't waste the money, since McCain clearly doesn't want to beat Obama. This October 10, 2008 column in The Politico really captures the frustration of Republicans who have suddenly figured out that our party doesn't have a serious candidate:

Obama to shut down newspapers and radio stations:
It is going to be a very, very ugly four years. It may be less, depending on how rapidly the Obamanistas consolidate power. Look at what happened in Chile, when Allende's bureaucrats started to shut down opposition newspapers and radio stations--and Pelosi and friends have already made it clear that they intend to bring back the "Equal Time" rule as a way to suppress conservative voices.

Is it really "clear"? Current economic woes are Obama’s fault, with help from the Democrats.

the continuing collapse of the markets ... can't all be laid at Obama's feet, but most of it can be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party and its associated radicals--and yet, in spite of their clear responsibility for the originating crisis, I expect that Democrats are going to be the major beneficiaries next month. It would really help if the Republican Party stood for something other than, "Me, too."

Final thought. If folks like Cramer think they're just garden variety moderate conservatives, I wonder who they think the right-wingers are?


Sisyphus said...

Aye carumba. If you're going to pick his shit apart you better come up with a kick ass name for him. Maybe something ironic like the humble mentat. Or maybe the "brightest bulb the Idaho right has to offer". Or howsabout just "loser", something that seems to fit him right now. His politics have certainly let him down. I'm not one to kick someone when they're down but one who crows like that ought to be more introspective. He's so pathetic even Binky leaves him alone.

Alan said...

I was kind of going there with the "unbearable darkness of thinking" phrase. I'll ponder that.

Suggestions welcome.

Sisyphus said...


fortboise said...

Thanks for rotting your brain so the rest of us don't have to. Does CC really fashion himself as "moderate"?

Seems like he should be a proud and card-carrying wingnut.

alan said...

TVA, yeah, I took one for the team, and I've had a headache since.

I've not seen anything from CC that would indicate he's aware that he's so far to that right that he can't see the middle. Same with Adam. That's the point about the pendulum. If you're sitting on it at its far right upswing, you look around and see lots of clear to the right, and think you're in the middle.