Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live blogging the Presidential debate

McCain gets the first question, and comes across as nervous.

7:07 Obama could drop the long "Aaaaand" that he uses for a transition. He's looking directly into the camera.

7:09 McCain passes on a chance to ask Obama a question. "Do you want to ask him a question?" "I don't."

Both candidates sporting the single windsor necktie knot. I wish Obama would drop the lapel flag pin; seems to pander to wingnuttistan.

7:13 I'm already tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber. However, the candidates are engaging more than in previous debates. McCain is interrupting.

7:15 McCain says US business taxes are too high compared to other countries. Doesn't mention the value added tax levied in European countries.

7:18 Obama says "profligate." Nice.

7:20 McCain recycles the silly $3M overhead projector earmark. It's not an overhead projector, it's a planetarium projector, a precision instrument for the planetarium in Chicago. Weak.

7:25 Obama notes that even Fox News has debunked McCain's claim about Obama's tax plan. McCain's eyes bug out and he rears back, smiling.

7:27 McCain says he went nasty in the campaign because Obama didn't agree to 10 town hall meetings. Also says he has repudiated 'every" out of bounds remark by a Republican. Seems unlikely.

7:30 Obama says that 100% of McCains ads are negative. McCain (JM) says, not true. Obama (BO), says yeah, absolutely true.

I'm really liking Apple Safari web browser, BTW.

7:32 McCain brings up Joe the Plumber again. Jeezus.

7:35 Man, McCain has a hard time not blurting out what he wants to say while BO is talking. Eyes twitch and blink furiously, rocks back and forth, gets weird grin. Recycles his claim of repudiating "every" out of line comment.

7:37 BO tries to get past personal attacks, JM won't have it, and raises the silly ACORN "vote fraud" claim. Ya know, very few folks are voting right now, since the election is 3 week away. The beef is registration fraud.

7:40  Scheiffer tries to get BO to diss Palin.  BO passes, focuses on Biden's strength's.  Man, that took some will power.   Unfortunately, this forces JM  to praise Palin.  Says she's a "bresh of freth air."  Paling understands special needs families, therefore qualified to be President.

7:50  No big moments so far.  Man, how I long for "Jane, you ignorant slut!"

7:55 Zzzzzzz

7:56 Hugo Chaves. Booga booga booga. JM raises specter of Hoover; he's on thin ice with that.

8:00 McCain is doing pretty well. Seems calm, not wandering around the floor, muttering about Mr. Puddles. Jeezus, he brings up Joe the Plumber again. JM's got a huge head, or narrow shoulders. BO has a really long thumb.

8:03 JM tells Joe the Plumber he's rich. Congratulations! Goofy.

8:07 JM calls BO "Senator Government." Odd, from a guy who's worked for the government every moment of his adult life.

8:10 JM says he voted for Supreme Court Justices Breyer and Ginsberg, loses the fundie vote.

Spirited debate on abortion. Excellent.

8:17 JM does the 4 finger air quotations gesture.

8:25 JM takes a shot at BO about not supporting vouchers. BO is as calm as a frozen pond.

8:29 Yes. Let's give JM an opportunity to serve again, as he asks. As a Senator from Arizona. BO has a nice appeal to the audience, looking directly into the camera, speaking to the middle class.

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