Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holmes - Simpson debate

I'm watching the Debra Holmes/Mike Simpson debate, and I can't watch much more.  Debra is trying, but her inexperience with public speaking is showing.  She's having a hard time articulating her positions. 

Simpson, with much more experience, is smooth and articulate, and well informed about the issues.

Debra, I'm with you on your positions, and God bless you for trying so hard and running a vigorous campaign.  You're obviously smart.  I'm rooting for you.  This debate should be good practice.   

Unfortunately for Debra, Simpson is making his points well and coming across as pretty moderate.  Debra doesn't seem to have a deep understanding of the issues.  I do like the color of her jacket.

And last, jeez, Mark Johnson, sportscaster (I know, now an anchor); why is he asking questions of the candidates?  What do they call that?  A post turtle?


Jesse Holmes said...

I thought she did pretty well throughout, but then again, I'm her son. If you noticed that she did best at the beginning and the end, it's because she had a low-blood-sugar attack in the middle of the debate. She managed to get through it though, and Jim Weatherby got her something sugary during one of Simpson's answers, so she was fine by the end of the debate.

Wordsmith said...

Thanks for watching it, Alan. I thought maybe it was just me and my being overly picky. I have no problem with her stances - mostly. Outside of the nuclear option she voiced during this debate, I'm right there with her.

And Jesse, I have no doubt that you and your mother have gone back and forth so you have a tremendous handle on what she wants to articulate. It just did not show during this debate. Simpson came across as damned near nice, level-headed, and moderate.