Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Aren't mothers supposed to stay at home?

I really don't see how Idaho's most conservative Republicans can support Sarah Palin for VP. She has children still in her home, including a special needs baby.

You'll recall that Steve Thayn and his ilk killed stricter day care licensing and kindergarten legislation (all day kindergarten?) because they think that such things encourage mothers not to stay at home with the kids. They believe that mothers should be at home raising kids, not in the work force. How can they believe this and support Sarah Palin?

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Bubblehead said...

I think they're following the same line of thinking as feminists who said in the mid-90s during the Aberdeen and Ft. Leonard Wood sex trials that there can be no such thing as consenual sex between a supervisor and subordinate who were curiously quiet when it came to a President and an intern.

To date, I can find no instance in the past of Idaho Republican Evangelical leaders saying that a mother should never be Vice President because she's a mother, so maybe your assumption is invalid. Now, in the future, if they oppose a Democratic nominee for that reason, then I think they can be accused of hypocrisy. So far, I've only seen progressives saying that a mother of small children shouldn't be Vice President. (Let's face it -- it's not exactly the toughest job in the world; you've gotta break ties in the Senate if you want to. Heck, even I could do that.)