Sunday, August 24, 2008

So close, and now so far.

It's Sunday evening, 6:30 PM Idaho time, and I just watched a CNN piece about seating at the convention. Given that Biden was chosen as the VP pick, "they" wanted Delaware to have great seats on the convention floor. So, "they" looked around for a delegation that had great seats up front and center, and was about the same size as the Delaware delegation. Delaware was way up in the "nose-bleed seats."

Well, guess which delegation got swapped. Yep, Idaho. Somehow Idaho had great seats, probably a pay back for the momentum Obama got by his visit to Boise. Too bad we had the bad luck to have the same size delegation as Obama's VP choice's state. Oh well.

BTW, for some reason I'm just thrilled by Obama choosing Biden, notwithstanding our delegation getting bumped. A great choice, for all the reason the blathering class lists; foreign policy experience, fiestyness in attacking Republicans, etc. For me, I thought Biden talked a lot of sense during he debates, and he did it in a straight talk fashion. I'm really looking forward to the campaign with Biden on the team.

Best line so far: "We need more than a good soldier, we need a good leader." Perfect. Doesn't diss Saint POW McCain, but does draw a legit distinction. Although, strictly speaking, McCain was a sailor, not a soldier.

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