Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sali's blog

Bill Sali now has a blog, which seems to be a campaign blog, rather than an ongoing blog effort. He wrote in his first post "From now until the election we will be keeping this blog regularly updated." I hope he keeps it reasonably current, and uses it to communicate.

His August 5 post about the Republican - wait, Republic - effort to talk about energy issues during the House recess is illuminating. First, he uses the vapid diminutive "While the Democrat leaders of the House," which is disappointing. Next, he talks about our "full-blown national emergency" over energy, which is encouraging. Unfortunately, he appears to be focued solely on drilling. I agree with Obama on this; drilling can be part of the solution, but isn't enough by itself.

The statement that really got my attention was here.

Q: What do you want to do about lowering energy prices?

A: I think we need to drill here, drill now. If we are going to lower gas prices, we need to become more self sufficient and be able to supply a greater amount of our own energy.

Again, his sole solution seems to be to drill. His answer reveals more than his plan, it also reveals his thinking. Or rather, that he's not thinking deeply. "Drill here, drill now" is the current R talking point. You see it all over. Okay, fine, but Bill is parroting it senselessly. Where is he that he wants to "drill here?" In Washington DC? Is there oil under the beltway? Did he write it in Idaho? Does he want us to start drilling in Idaho? Is there any oil in Idaho to drill for? (No.) Couldn't he just say something like, we need to allow the states to open up their offshore locations for exploration?

I'm disappointed that he's not thinking more deeply about such an important issue, but not surprised.

h/t to Chris, who give an h/t to Bill Sali Fan.


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Sisyphus said...

I went to Sali's blog where to my utter amazement there was a guest post by Adam Graham. He is described as "a well known and respected Idahoan blogger." Do you think 'Idahoan" was a typo or a Freudian slip referencing the now defunct blog site "Idahoan" run by Wayne Hoffman.

alan said...

Well, most likely the post was written by Hoffman, right?