Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Press-Tribune blog

For not being out very long, the new Nampa Press-Tribune blog is off to a good start. Lots of mentions in the blogosphere. It's easy to tell that they're actively participating.

They've listed the Canyon County blogs separately, to the extent they've found them, which helps create a nice sense of community. Also, David Woolsey used and linked to a recipe from Chris, which reinforces that sense of being involved.

I wish they'd put a bit more on the front page; their blurbs are too short for my taste. Also, my forcing us to "read more" for every single post, I suspect a gambit it drive up page views. I know, page views pay the bills, but I'd visit more often if they at least put a few full posts without having to click through.

2 more suggestions. Please don't just say "Press-Tribune Staff." I'd like to know who it is putting up the post, even it's a screen name. Staff is too broad. We don't know if its 2 or 20 people. Last, they list Swindell's blog on their blogroll. Well, you can't really call her blog a blog. It's a place to post news releases. So they ought to drop it.

Still and all, a very nice addition. Looks clean, lots of updates, interesting posts, and they link to other blogs. Great start.

Update: Sara called me on my laziness, so I've added links. Should've done it in the first place. Thanks, Sara, for keeping me honest.