Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where am I?

My post below noting Bryan Fischer's use of racial purity code words drew a response from Adam, and then Bryan applauded that with this:
A local ultra-left wing blogger has accused yours truly of racism, essentially because of my support for the American motto, “E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of many, one.” Local conservative political observer Adam Graham has written a nice piece in my defense.
So. I'm an "ultra-left wing blogger." I guess I must be, because if I were to put this blog on a left to right scale, I wouldn't put it hanging off the left end.

Bryan has me here:

X L----------|------------R

I'd put me here, in Idaho politics:


And I'd put me here, in national politics:


If I'm "ultra-left wing," then I'd like Bryan, or Adam, to identify who is just plain ol' left wing, who is moderate, etc.

And, just for the halibut, here's what I see:

BB L---43SB---RSR--MG--UN----Me--|---TSSBP----HBO----------IVA/AG-R

h/t Binkyboy (BB) for pointing me to IVAs response.


Binkyboy said...

I'm a communist? News to me.

And here I thought my common sense approach to gun control and my desire for balance in government would make me a little more of a moderate liberal, but hey, can't argue with the graphs.

alan said...

Nah, not a communist, just a liberal. Maybe it's the vigor with which you promote your views that made me think you are the left-most.

Binkyboy said...

I'm just giving you a hard time :)

Think of me what you will.

fortboise said...

Glad to see that I defy classification, Alan. :-)

But Bryan Fischer's rants are more revealing about his mind than his targets, as ever. People obsessed with "hate-mongers" have, I can only assume, a personal problem with hate.

Those who think "liberal" is an epithet are obviously illiberal in their ability to understand diverse views. (And why should they seek to understand we sinful lot, eh?)

Were Fischer to actually pay attention to what you have to say, and deem you "ultra-left," it could only be because he is so extreme in his own thinking, that "normal" appears "ultra" to him.

More likely, he just caught a snippet or two (at most) and responded with what he thought was a suitable epithet. Not so much narrow-mindedness as small-mindedness. Or simple-mindedness perhaps is more descriptive. The world is simplified to black and white for Fischer.

alan said...

Well said, TVA. When you're an ant, all humans look like giants, and you don't distinguish between Jim Risch and Butch Otter. When you live in Fischerville, Wingnuttistan, everyone who doesn't live there looks like a liberal.

Bubblehead said...

Luuhh-key {/Napoleon Dynamite}

I'm so jealous; I accused Rev. Fischer of being a liar, and didn't get a public response from him. I guess his skin is a little thicker at being called a liar than a racist.