Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bubblehead on "Kooky Local Simpleton"

Bubblehead has a nice take on Bryan Fischer's recent comment about the fires that torched 10 Boise homes and one BSU professor. I can't find the comment on the IVA website, and BH's link doesn't take me there, so I can't say much about the whole post. Apologist Adam's site is clogged or overtaxed or whatever, as it often is, so I can't check there.

Anyway, I don't take Fischer on face value. I think he's just a master of exploiting every possible issue to keep himself in the news, and therefore, keep donations coming in, and therefore, keep himself gainfully employed.

Pretty cutting label BH has tagged Fischer with, and it just might stick; Kooky Local Simpleton. "KLS Bryan Fischer recently said ..."

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Bubblehead said...

Here's the link to Fischer's original piece; the part where he makes the outrageous "open space" comment is the one right about the "Bonus Bytes" section.