Thursday, July 31, 2008

LaRocco within striking distance?

Kos at DailyKos commissioned a poll by Research 2000, a nonpartisan and respected pollster, that shows Jim Risch at 42% with LaRocco 10 points behind at 32%. Rammel had 5%, and Undecided had 17%. Obviously, with that many undecideds, LaRocco has a shot at it.

The wild card, pun intended, is Rex Rammell. Pretty much all of his support pulls from Risch. He's raised some $400k so far, though I think that is mostly from himself, but in Idaho that's enough to make an impact. If he can connect with the reactionary right, and his fellow LDS, he might be able to pull in enough votes to really sting Risch. 5% by itself has to hurt. LaRocco's got a long way to go, but 10 points isn't that big a difference. Lessee, depressed R voters due to Bush and to McCain's lack of popularity, Dem energy due to Obama and Bush, energized young voters, all indicate that LaRocco has a chance.

Kevin Reichert commented on it here. Eye on Boise has it here. Red State Rebels here.

*** End of Senate race comment

Switching gears, this a rare echo post for this blog. I don't often pile onto stories that others have reported. First, I don't blog at work (I'm off half of today) and the full timers and folks who do blog at work are always way ahead of me. By the time I get to it, it's old. Also, given my fairly low readership, and that most who read my blog read RSR and the others who get right on the news, I doubt me posting an echo story has much effect. Just so you know.

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