Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rammell the spoiler

Jill Kuraitis has a nice story, with links, about Rex Rammell's bid for Idaho's (not Larry Craig's) Senate seat. I think Rammell bears watching, as he could appeal to the newly energized Ron Paul supporters. A key for Rammell is not to admit that he's only out to spoil Risch, because that can cause voters to skip his name on the ballot.

Jill also mentions that Larry LaRocco and Rammell have agreed to debate in every major city, but that Risch will debate only on KTVB. Perfect! I think that LaRocco should refuse to debate Risch except at the League of Women voters forum and on Idaho Public TV. LaRocco and Rammell will get lots of free media, and Risch will be in the dark. I think that eventually Risch will cave in, if the LaRocco/Rammell debates get televised.

Another good thing about Jills story, the best alliterative headline I've seen in a long while: "Will Rex Rammell’s Run Ruin Risch?"

Note to Rex. You've apparently got a good thing going with the big professionaly painted motor home. Please post some photos on your website. If you do, I (and maybe others) will post a copy.


Anonymous said...

My comment is about Jeanne Buell the Idaho democratic vice chair. This women has no moral character. She has lied her way to this position. Let me tell you some of the nice things Jeanne has done recently. She put her husband Bob Buell in a nursing home 60 miles away from his home in Worley, ID so that she can play house with her new boyfriend a telephone man from AZ whom she met on a plan. No that's not correct he is unemployed right now so that he can spend time with Jeanne in Worley. Jeanne supports this man.
I guess money can buy you everything.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne Buell believes she can buy anything she likes. She specifically likes married men.