Sunday, June 15, 2008

No fault divorce. Wow.

It looks like the Taliban Reactionary wing of the Idaho Republican party has big plans.
Semanko was pushed to victory largely by an eclectic group consisting of supporters of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and social conservatives who want to shift the party to the right.

"We must uphold our conservative party principles," Semanko said.

With a growing libertarian wing that favors legalizing marijuana, a contingent of Christian activists who want to repeal no-fault divorce, and establishment Republicans who support neither, Semanko has a tough task in keeping everyone in the fold.
Tough task indeed. Christian activists are going to promote their goals because of the principle of the thing, and not worry so much about the politics of it. The poobah faction, being in power, are very concerned with the politics. I suspect that the Christian activists, like Adam Graham, don't have a clear memory of, was it 1990? 1992?, when the GOPers passed a very restrictive abortion law and the next election the Idaho Senate saw a 50/50 split between Ds and Rs.

The poobahs will continue to try to deflect these efforts, and the Taliban Reactionary wing will continue to be irritated by the obstructionism, and the Idaho GOP will continue to fracture. In the mean time, Idaho Dems are in the best shape they've been in years. I don't expect them to make a huge resurgence all at once, but it looks like they definitely are on the upswing.

*I don't really like calling it the Taliban wing as that's unnecessarily pejorative, but I'm pressed for time right now and can't think of anything better. I'll drop that appellation after this post.Dropped. I'm calling them the Reactionary wing, as reactionaries throughout history typically want to return to perceived past and better times.

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