Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moyle's campaign financing

June 26 was the filing deadline for the post-primary campaign financing reports. Majority Leader Mike Moyle's is shown below. Although the required reporting period is May 12 - June 6, Moyle's treasurer Mary Harvey reported through June 26.

Moyle took in $5,150 during the reporting period, and has cash on hand of $20,365.

Most interesting to me, though no surprise, is that Moyle spent $9,126.45 with Veritas Advisors, i.e., former Republican Party chair Kirk Sullivan, placing Moyle squarely in the poobah faction of the party. Also interesting; the money was spent on June 23, after the primary election.

Moyle's Dem opponent, Michelle Waddell, had 0 contributions and 0 expenditures. Write in candidate Nancy Merrill took in $16,386 in the period and has a YTD total of $33,406. She has $9,204 cash on hand, but unfortunately $12,500 in debt. Report available here.

Merrill spent $3,000 in wages by hiring 30 people at $100. I guess as part of the write-in thing she posted workers at polling places to help voters figure out how to vote for her, some something.

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