Sunday, June 08, 2008

LaRocco pays a visit

Early this nice June Sunday morning, my unit was taking its annual physical fitness test. Pushups first. The soldiers in the P.T. uniform were taking the test, the soldiers in the ACUs (camo) were grading and monitoring.

While taking breather after the push up event, waiting for the sit up event, I saw a van pull into the parking lot of the officers club, next to where we were taking our test. Sit ups shown belows.

Sitting in the passenger seat; Larry LaRocco. Note the sticker in the back window. He and the driver went into the O club, where the local VFW was serving the usual $5 all you can eat breakfast.

Just LaRocco and the driver. No entourage. No officers or dignitaries. No straphangers. I was going to try to say hello, but by the time we got done with the run, the van was gone. Still, it was good to see LaRocco out talking to the VFW and to whichever soldiers and airmen might be having breakfast at the time.

I'll let you know if I spot Risch at breakfast.

Update; deleted a couple of irrelevant thoughts.


Geoff said...

I wish I'd known you were taking the PT test this morning- I'd have come taken it with you. I think I can still pass one, even with my 'thwap thwap thwap' running style.
I went to the change of command yesterday- it was a very nice ceremony.

Tara A. Rowe said...

LaRocco was in Idaho Falls yesterday--shaking hands at Beerfest and I hear he'll be back here in Pocatello tomorrow for the AFL-CIO meeting (he was here Friday night for a house party). He's everywhere!

alan said...

No wonder he couldn't stay long at Gowen, if he headed for Eastern Idaho afterward. He does get around.

Geoff said...

He sure does get around- just got back from seeing him speak at a restaurant here in Mtn Home. He strikes me as intelligent, focused, and genuine, clearly intent on change.