Thursday, June 05, 2008

Board member outed?

Chris at Unequivocal Notion has hit a conservative nerve. Chris is alledging that Nampa Library board member Bruce Skaug put an anonymous post on Chris' blog under the name "Jag." Chris shows that the post was placed from the office where Skaug works. That alone makes it a reasonable assumption the Skaug posted the comment. Chris also has the IP address; whether that is established as Skaug's is not clear to me.

Anyway, the post drew lots of ire from folks. What I hope doesn't get lost in the back and forth is the underlying issue of whether its appropriate for a library board member (if that is the case)to be posting anonymously about an issue he's dealing with on the board, especially when he posts a comment like this:
So, you cannot understand people who wish to protect children from becoming like you.
That's an attack. I think Skaug ought to tell us whether he posted that comment. If he holds views like that, Nampa library patrons deserve to know it.

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