Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Goecoichea law office attorney Bruce Skaug is resigning from the Nampa library board. Good. Perhaps the Mayor will appoint a more thoughtful replacement.

Skaug and Mayor have a story and they're stickin' to it. They're saying Skaug has accomplished what he wanted to on the board, and so he's done. Riiight. Let's pick this apart a bit.

First, kudos to Chris for breaking the story about Skaug leaving a nasty comment on Chris' blog. Skaug eventually admitted leaving the post, and blamed it on being frustrated.

So, right after Skaug gets busted for leaving a "stupid" and "sophomoric" comment, he figures he's accomplished all his goals and resigns from the board. He doesn't cite these accomplishments, so we have to guess. All I know he's done is ban some books. Apparently that was his goal. If your goal as a library board member is to ban books, then I say the board's better off without him.

He's quitting before his term is done. Why? Too busy? Doesn't like being on the board? Wants to spend more time with his family? Is the board really that demanding? Is he just a quitter? Isn't he worried that a more open-minded person will replace him and un-ban the books, since he was the tie breaking vote?

All this obviously doesn't add up, and Mayor Dale and Skaug are lying when they say leaving the comment had nothing to do with his resignation. Commentors on Chris' posts have also reached this conclusion.

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