Thursday, May 15, 2008

They're entitled

Mike Moyle is angry because he's being challenged in the upcoming primary. DFO notes, with links ,that Jim Risch, Bill Sali and Mike Simpson are all ducking debates.

The Statesman notes
The general public and some members of the press were barred from the taping of Wednesday's Republican debate among candidates for the U.S. Senate by debate organizer KTVB-Channel 7.
Won't attend debates, won't let the public come to the debate, mad because of a primary challenge; what do all three of these have in common?

Pure disdain for voters, that's what. These guys think they're just entitled to the office and the damn election is getting in their way. Where does the sense of entitlement come from? From the non-thinking Idaho voter* who reflexively votes R. As I've argued before, conservatives ought to vote D this year, just this once, and end up taking back their party. Scaring the R leaders who think they aren't accountable would be well worth electing a few Dems for a term.

So, conservatives, go ahead. The Dems aren't going to run amok in one term. Next election you can go back to voting a strict party line R. You supposed independents who never vote D, you also should vote D this election. Let the politicians know that they ignore you at their peril.

*I'm not saying if you vote R you aren't thinking. I'm saying that many voters never consider not voting R.

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