Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kuna's farmers market

I stopped by Kuna's farmers market today, held under the huge flag.

Not a big crowd, but pretty good for Kuna. Also available at Sandstone, asparagus picked this morning.

VogtVogel farms selling beef and pork, and also selling food. Note the guy on the right in the apron.

Here's the $2.50 breakfast sandwich. Took them 20 minutes to serve it up, but it was extremely tasty once I got it. It's a take off on an egg mcmuffin, but instead of sausage they gilled up a thick and deliciously spiced hamburgerhomemade sausage patty, using their own raised beef pork. Toasted the English muffin on the grill.

A Statesman photog was there. That's her press ID hanging around her neck. but I didn't catch her name. She was packing some serious photo hardware. We might get to see a pic in the Sunday edition.

Last night I went to the F-Bar Arena in Kuna (I call it the Fubar Arena) just as the rodeo ended at about 9:15 PM. A surprising number of young folks attended, which might explain the 3 Army recruiters and their table next to the beer booth ($3 Coronas).

Out front this guy was allowing kids to sit on his longhorn cattle. I guess you can get away with wearing a pink shirt as a cowboy if you've got a longhorn.

Nice nose ring. Must be a married longhorn.

Update: Fixed a few errors.


fortboise said...

Nice flag pix.

Alan said...


slfisher said...

It's Vogel Farms, actually. and yep, their stuff is tasty!

Anonymous said...

Nicola McIntosh with the Kuna Melba News here. Can I get your permission to use your photo of the Vogel breakfast sandwich in one of their ads? It turned out great. You can email me your response at Thanks!