Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dream ticket

Given the Barack Obama is apparently going to be the Democratic nominee, which thrills me, I can see a dream ticket. And that is, President Obama, and Attorney General John Edwards.

I would love to see an AG who is committed to enforcing the law, and to using the office to go after corporate abusers. Elliott Spitzer, before his fall from grace, embodied a prosecutorial style and held prosecutorial priorities that I think were good for working people of America. I think that John Edwards would do the same on the higher level.

Corruption in office, war crimes, rigged and corrupt contracting, cronyism, kleptocracy, lying under oath, violating disclosure and good government laws, all are burning issues that need to be addressed. I want back an America I can be proud of, one that sets the highest ethical standards, one that helps build the middle class, one that protects the rights of citizens and minorities, and that one has a trustworthy and neutral Department of Justice. I think Edwards can really help bring this back.

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