Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank goodness Grant dropped out

Because I was having a hard trying to decide for whom to vote.

I think Grant ran a pretty good campaign last time, and gave Sali a real test. I also expect that he learned from the experience and could bring that to bear. I heard him speak a the Frank Church Dinner, and he was much more animated than Minnick. Overall, I would have been happy with Grant as the candidate.

Minnick brings connections, money and experience to his race. I expect his speaking styule will rev up as the campaign progresses, and he's certianly been active so far. He'll also make a good candidate.

I'm sorry to see Grant go, and I hope he'll stay active in the party and perhaps try again. At the least, I hope he'll run for state legislature.

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ericn1300 said...

I too am glad that Grant dropped out. I voted for him last time but that was a actually a vote against Sali. I have never been comfortable not knowing much about the man and he seems to lack a background in social service and leadership roles and prefer Minnick.

Since I'm an independant this now allows me to vote Republican in the primary, against Risch.