Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring tennis in Idaho

Don't they look like sun-kissed athletes?

And the spectators. Elitists basking in luxury, languorously taking in a tennis match. Gin and tonic to follow.


ericn1300 said...

LOL, at least most of those kids are native and prepared for the weather. We have a foreign exchange student from Thailand that signed up for tennis at Meridian High and she was totally unprepared for the “sun kissed”, wind blessed Idaho spring days. Your pics are going global now since she got a big kick out of them and sent them to her coach back home.

I can see it now, the coach telling his players “work harder or you'll have to go to spring training in Idaho”.

Alan said...

Most of these kids weren't so well prepared, though they seemed to tolerate it okay. The wind, which of course you can't see in the pix, is what made it really cold. They warmed up once they started to play.

ThomG said...

LOL! I have two kids playing high school tennis up here in Coeur d'Alene- at least the first third of our matches were canceled due to snow!