Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Record high gas prices

And this dude chooses this inefficient means to transport a freezer.

Here's a person that strikes me as really negative and very angry. How can you feel this threatened by liberals, in Idaho? What kind of world would it be for this person to feel happy and positive? (click to enlarge)

And as an antidote to the previous, here's a pic taken at Kuna's farmer's market.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Judging by the bumperstickers, I think the owner of that car is probably in the Legislature.

Clayton said...

Think how much better mileage that car would get without the extra weight of all those bumper stickers.

As for why anyone would feel that threatened by liberals in Idaho: he's probably another California refugee. We're sensitive about totalitarianism, having come from a place that is moving to the ultimate strangeness: a place where self-defense and reading the Bible are strongly discouraged, unless you are naked, wearing lather, and using a whip at the same time (in which case it is performance art).