Sunday, April 06, 2008

New threads

We're getting our issue of the new uniform. Most of us bought one a while back, but now we're getting issued a set of four, incluing t-shirts and socks. More crap to clutter up my house.

Also, getting a new bullet proof vest. The green thing on the left is the kevler insert. Without that you're just wearing cloth.

And then there's this helpful hint, with military understatement.

Turn it in if bullets have hit it. In other words, if you've been shot.


Anonymous said...

The armor looks a little light. I read somewhere that the body armor used in Iraq is ceramic over Kevlar and now over 38lbs with the neck and crotch panels. I also read that when combined with all the other gear and ammo they are causing lower back problems in 80% of returning vets. How much weight are you carrying in training? Any comments on those stories?

As an aside, one of my cousins flew a warthog in the Gulf War. The joke was that the titanium shell around the cockpit was good enough to keep them alive until impact after the engines were shot off.

What outfit are you with and when do you deploy? Any idea of your mission yet?

Luck dude, come home intact.

Alan said...

The SAPIs are fragile, and unnecessary day to day when non-deployed, so they aren't widely distributed. Also, they are a PITA, and I'm trying to duck being issued them until the last possible second.

The weight is substantial, especially the bullets and the water. I haven't weighed it. I took a risk and tossed the b*ll protector; I've got kids and don't want any more.

116th CAV. I've got good intel about when our next deployment is, and what our mission will be, but don't feel comfortable posting it.

And, thanks. Made it through one deployment. 2nd, we'll see.

Mark said...

Will you be able to blog from where ever you happen to end up? It would be nice to read your perspective of things.

Alan said...

Mark, the chance of me deploying again is pretty small. Given when my unit is forecast to return, I'm going to be out of the Guard.

I did a milblog when I was over there in 2005.