Thursday, April 03, 2008

Idaho Chooses Life Alliance

I posted about Idaho Chooses Life PAC below. This post is about its counterpart the Idaho Chooses Life Alliance. The ICLA is a 501(c)(3)non-profit corporation. I'm not exactly sure of the relationship between the two, but they're pretty closely tied together. ICLA was incorporated, in 2000 I think, by Bill Sali, and he, Corbett Lynn, and Henry Kulczyk were the initial directors. . Sali has moved on, but the other two appear to still be involved. At least they contribute regularly to ICL. (No information available on ICLA's finances.)

In 2007, Kukczyk was the Chairman, and Dennis Mansfield a long time director. Wendy Ripley has been the secretary since its inception.

In 2005 the ICLA tapped the special expertise of Brandi Swindell to serve on the board. Also notice Director Sharon Nettles.

In the same year, 2005, ICL PAC has Sharon Nettles as its Treasurer, so the two organizations are tied together pretty closely.

ICLA cannot use its income or assets for the benefit of a director, and officer, or private person, though it can pay for services rendered.

Recall how much David Ripley got paid by ICL PAC? He's a registered lobbiest for the PAC.

That's it. Nothing Earth shaking or particularly startling. Just that the two organizations are very close, and they have to be careful not to violate the prohibition against benefiting an officer, i.e., Wendy Ripley by paying her husband so much.

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