Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hurt me now and get it over

Patsy Cline has a song "Leavin' on Your Mind," a snippet of which has been been on my mind as I watched the end of the legislative session.

Specifically, the debate over eliminating $120 million in business personal property tax while also trying to end the legislative session brought the song to mind. I was thinking, jeez, another effort to shift taxes from business to individuals. Always the same reason; business taxes are too high and if we would just lower them, business would flock to Idaho, lots of jobs would get created, and everything would be wonderful.

In a cynical moment I thought, well then, just eliminate all business taxes. With all the economic activity that would spur, according to the supply siders, Idaho's economy should take off like a rocket and replace the lost revenue in a heartbeat.

The biggest benefit, for me at least, is that the desires of our Republican friends would be laid bare, and we wouldn't have to endure any more tiresome debates on the issue. Just do what you want to do, eliminate all business taxes, and be done with it. And do it as you leave town.

"If you've got leaving on your mind,
tell me now, get it over,
hurt me now, get it over."

Another benefit; I won't have to watch IACI ravish and have its way with the legislature anymore (at least, not as much). I mean, it's almost embarassing.


BTW, I left the previous post up for a week. I thought I was onto something, but it didn't seem to resonate much. I guess campaign financing isn't as interesting as I thought.


untamedshrew said...

Actually Alan, I've been thinking that campaign finance stuff you've posted is some pretty good and important work. Keep it up.

Alan said...

Thanks. I find it oddly interesting, so I will continue. It's good to know that somebody likes it. If you have any requests, lemme know.

slfisher said...

yes, please keep it up.