Saturday, April 05, 2008

Band camp

This afternoon as I was working, this was going on outside my office. The band was practicing pass and review.

It's nice, for a little while. After that, not so much. Very brief clip. An ending which reflects my expertise with the video function of my digital camera.

Amusingly, to me, the leader was hollering at them using a bullhorn, which was necessary to be heard over the music. Not angry, just giving guidance and training. You can hear his voice at the very start of the clip.

Inside my building, this was going on. Danny Boy. Just shoot me. They also practiced the theme from Mission Impossible, which was little more tolerable.

The Idaho Army National Guard's 25th Army Band. They are really an excellent military band. If you get a chance to hear them play, and if you like martial music, you'll enjoy it.

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