Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wingnuts exposed

Chris at Unequivocal Notion is all over the Nampa censoring issue. Chris's most important point, I think, is the poor reporting by local media. They call Jackson a concerned parent. Being a parent is Jackson's cover and excuse. Jackson is also a right wing activist. Check out Chris' posts here, here, and here. Chris also links to this Statesman story about the issue

And boy, talk about your buried lede, the very last clause in the last sentence in the story notes that library staff supported keeping the books available. Professional librarians, the ones most committed to the library and to principles underpinning libraries, wanted the books available. The wingnuts overruled that and voted for censorship.

To the Nampa library board, you are hereby bestowed with the IdaBlue Wingnut Award for outstanding wingnuttiness, Censorship category.


slfisher said...

I also did this piece for New West on the subject.

slfisher said...

Randy Jackson has posted comments on it.