Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One to watch

There are any number of PACs registered with the Idaho Secretary of State. Some are active, some not so active. Most are not high dollar entities. Here's an interesting and well funded one. Winning for Idaho. (Click to enlarge)

$75,200 cash on hand. Not too bad, given that it had $0 at the start of the year. Note below that $75,000 of that came from Coeur d'Alene Racing Limited Partnership. Also note that all donations came in the last few days in December.

Who is in the partnership? 3 guys from Alabama.

I wonder what they want? It'll be interesting to see who benefits from their largess.

Update: See interesting speculation in the comments about slot machines in the N. Idaho Racetrack.


faustus37 said...

Just to take a stab at it, I suspect this is a pro-horse racing organization.

If there's a Paul W. Bryant, Jr., then one would assume there's a Paul W. Bryant, Sr. The timeline and location is right for the Paul W. Bryant, Sr. in question to be none other than former Alabama football coach "Bear" Bryant.

Anonymous said...

A little Googling reveals that a few years ago Bryant owned 48% of a dog track in Texas. The article which mentioned that also indicated that at the time Texas track owners were big supporters of legalizing slot machines... if they're on race track premises

The Phelpses look to be Bryant's attorneys.

Alan said...

Anon, I think you're onto something. Winning for Idaho lists a Doug Okuniewicz as the chairman. A Google search on his name brings up lots of stuff like patent application by Okuniewicz for some time of casino gaming device.

So, I guess we'll be seeing an effort to allow slot machines in the CdA racetrack.

Okuniewicz is also involved with Greene Idaho, and you can see a picture of him here.

ericn1300 said...

Heads up guys, the track in CDA was sold to the Texans way back when the pressure was on Les Bois to stop dog racing as they had a finacial intrest in CDA which was still running dog races. Les Bois sold the track up north to get under the radar but still ran simulcasts of the dog races. I haven't been down to the track at Les Bois lately but the last time I was there they still had the dog races on simulcast.

Sharon Ullman said...

Ericn1300 appears to be mistaken. The CDA Racing crew is one and the same as the Greene Group (Paul W. Bryant, Jr.) out of Alabama. These are the same people who now hold a 50% interest in Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, the group that now has control of Les Bois Park in Boise for the next five-and-a-half years.