Sunday, March 16, 2008

No way to treat your customers

I met some folks after work on Friday at Harry's, a bar and grill on Overland in front of the Majestic theatre. Parking is limited in the little strip mall where harry's is located, so people tend to park in the dirt lot behind the mall. See dirt lot below, with the theatre behind it.

The owner of the Majestic really gets his knickers in a knot over this parking, - I guess he owns the dirt lot - so he has a towing service come drag off the cars every couple of hours. In the picture above, the two skid marks are from a car that was towed away. The pic below is of the car being picked up.

When the tow truck showed up, patron/parkers ran outside and moved the cars away, into a more distant lot. Except the one poor guy who got towed. Some folks had seen the car driver come into Harry's for a drink, then walk over to the Majestic to watch a movie. So the Majestic had one of its customers towed.

If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see a white pole in the middle of the field, with a Don't Park Here sign. It's so far from the edge of the lot that it realy isn't noticible, and doesn't deter parking.

Scuttlebut at Harry's was that people who park at the Harly dealer get the same treatment. Word was that the majestic owner doesn't like motorcycles, so he torments the bike shop, and that his religion forbids alcohol, so he tormets Harry's patrons. Who knows? All in all, just a really cheesy way to behave. I expect the guy who got towed was freaked out when he looked for his missing car, seriously inconvenienced, and out around $150 (plus the price of the movie).


Bubblehead said...

Personally, I think that's a dumb place to put a bar. There really is no parking in that strip mall -- the guy would have been in much better shape renting the place where Sertino's Coffee was for a couple of months.

As far as the guy who owns Majestic belonging to a religion that doesn't drink, it sure doesn't seem to be the most popular one in this area that frowns on drinking -- he doesn't hire any kids from that Church, at least, which it seems he would if he belonged to that Church.

alan said...

I agree, pretty dumb place from a parking aspect. The location is otherwise okay.

I wasn't exactly buying the religion angle. It's why I didn't bother to mention the religion that the bar patrons were accusing.

So, what do you know about the "not hiring kids from that Church" issue?

Bubblehead said...

It's not necessarily that he doesn't hire kids from the Church, it's that he hasn't hired any that I recognize (the theater is in my neighborhood) -- it might just be that he needs people who will work on Sundays.