Sunday, March 02, 2008

Frank Church Banquet

The annual Frank Church banquet was a smashing success. The large ballroom in the Riverside (can't keep track of who currently owns it, formerly Red Lion) was full, and there was also an overflow room. My guesstimate is around 600 folks in the main room. Here are some pix. More info later.

Markos gave a nice speech that contained lots of Idaho references. He had done his research; very impressive. Also, lots of fun digs at Republicans. Example, and I paraphrase, he said he knew he wasn't at the Republican banquet because he hadn't seen any whisky soaked cowboys in tight jeans. Interestingly to me, the loudest, or one of the loudest, applause lines was when Kos said that George Bush cares more about immunity for telecoms than for middle class people. Pretty politically tuned-in crowd.

Since there were only 3 videos and candidate speeches, that didn't take up to much of the evening. LaRocco and Grant stuck to right around 3 minutes. Minnick, around a 7 minute speech.

A classy little cover over the candles.

New West swag.

Jill Kuraitis hard at work during the banquet, lit by the glow of her laptop.

I'm often not sure whether folks like to be identified. (I don't.) So, another blogger guest.

Markos speaking, wearing a coat he bought in an auction. It fit him pretty well.

Unidentified guest posing with cardboard Walt Minnick. At one point, Minnick was also wearing Kos's coat, and it fit him pretty well as well.

Final note: don't let Jeanne Buell around a microphone again. One, she hectored Mayor Bieter into bidding $750 for an auction item. Poor guy really didn't have a choice, as Buell was relentless in calling him out from the podium until he made the bid. Also, Buell was talking about a signed Hillary campaign sign. Buell said she brought it back packed next to her "personal items." Okay, we don't need to know that the sign was packed with her underwear. Sheese.


Tara A. Rowe said...

Amen on Jeannie not being allowed near the stage! Good Lord, really?! And for what it is worth, I don't mind being identified. ;) It was GREAT to finally meet you, Alan!

Julie Fanselow said...

Nice pix, Alan. It was good to see you!

IdahoRocks said...

Nice description, Alan. You captured some great, and not-so-great, moments. It was nice meeting you, however brief.

Tashi said...

Well, that dapper young Dem in the last photo is yours truly... I had a great time at my first FCB. I was moved and inspired by the evenings events. This was the third HUGE showing of Idaho Democratic solidarity in the past month and I am more energized than ever to bring blue back to Idaho.

Disclaimer: The Minnick campaign is not being sponsored by Coke or Budweiser!

Anonymous said...

Amen - to not letting Jeanne Buell near a microphone or anything else for that matter - Jeanne Buell is a gross individual with no class - What is this women doing in politics - Where did she come from - the back woods of Idaho!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading a lot about Jeanne Buell lately - Is this what we want for the Idaho Democratic Party? A women that sleeps around while pretending to be a loving wife? Who is this guy from AZ - where did she come up with him. Come on Jeanne with all your wealth you can certainly come up with something better than a unemployed gold digger!