Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Church banquet revisited

Below are several more pix of the banquet. I didn't use a flash, trying for a more natural look, but the downside is they can tend toward blurriness. Click to enlarge.

Comments on the banquet: The group did tend toward the older, but that's understandable given the $75/head ticket. To do my part, I'll pledge right now to sponsor a young person for the next banquet. Young being, oh, twenty something or younger.

The salmon dinner was quite good, and the portion so generous that I didn't finish it.

The sign in was pretty chaotic. See pix below.

Most of the speeches were either interesting (Markos) or mercifully short. Minnick talked too long, and holy cow did Ruchti drone on forever. He could have honored Richard Stallings in 3 minutes, instead of 15. Painful.

Save the keynote for the end. Have the auction during dinner. Keep Jeanne Buell at least 10 yards from any microphone. (I kind of enjoyed the drama and spectacle of someone who appeared to be, er, tipsy, but it wasn't fair to poor Mayor Bieter to harangue him into bidding. Made for a fun memory. Maybe we should always have her...)

Markos was well versed on Idaho politics. He bid on the ugly coat. He didn't charge a speaker fee. He met with bloggers. He seemed to have a good time. He was personable and friendly. All in all, I gotta say, great guy. Anybody who leaves his young kids to go to Idaho to energize the downtrodden Dems, and doesn't charge, is clearly committed to changing America. Great job by John Foster getting Markos, and great job by Markos.

And now for the pix... If anyone is pictured and doesn't want to be, email or post a comment and I'll drop the pic. And if so, sorry in advance.

*** Pix follow ***

Sign in table, the good side. Is that the ghost of frank Church in the background?

Sign in table, my side, of course. The pages were all asunder, and we had to cast about to find our names. Very slow.

Jim Hansen chatting during the sign in.

A view toward LaRocco's hospitality room. Tough to get to past the scrum blocking the hallway.

Before the dinner started.

mcjoan taking a pic of Her mom with Markos.

After the speeches. (out of order). Note Markos talking to Andrus wearing Andrus' old plaid coat. LaRocco seated at the table.

Cece with mcjoan's mom.

This is the stuff (other than the big 171 handout) that was waiting on every place. No wonder there was a lot of stuff left over.

During the speech.

Quanah, er, forgot his last name and specific tribe. However, pretty engaging guy, nice looking and a good speaker. A real up and comer. Keith Roark off to the left. Amy, er, forgot her last name, in the white coat off to the right.

My only regret; I failed to take a pic of the meal. Sorry, Chris.


chris said...


No problem. If I concentrate hard enough I can imagine what it tasted like.

Thanks for putting up the pics!

untamedshrew said...

Great photos Alan - thanks! And it was great to meet you.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Spencer of the Coeur d'Alene tribe, Amy Wynn of American Falls.

Jill Kuraitis said...

Alan, my orange plastic New West pens are so honored to be featured twice that they've stopped writing. "We're above that now," and that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let Jeanne Buell 10 yards near anything never mind a microphone. The women is a gross individual with no class or morals.
Where did she find her new unemployed gold digging boyfriend?
They deserve each other.